Our Testimonials

Mryshale Ee

Highly recommended!!!!!!

First time renewing the COE and was afraid of hidden cost and gimmicks. Googled and sent and inquiry to them. Max replied very fast and I went to the shop on the next day. Was served by Samantha and she has been the greatest help. Gave very layman explanations and transparency on all the pros and cons etc.

After leaving the office, one of the financial institute called me to verify on my details and it was immediately approved. On and all, it only took me less then a week to have everything settled, even insurance (and trust me, they will give you at least 3 quotes to compare) was done.

Within a week, papers were all signed and loan done.

26 January 2018

Hing Aik Long

Great service and friendly.(and pretty 😁). Fast processing, consistent and very accommodating.
Kudos to the whole team.

11 August 2018

Lester Tan

Solved my problems really fast, very effective and good customer service. Highly recommended!

28 May 2018

Zaky Razak

Few months overdue review. Deal with Felicia. Highly recommended. Great customer service. No hidden cost.

23 June 2018

Zhang Mingwei

Engaged Platinum motoring to help extend my old CS3 brought from a friend of my…Max and his teams help to settle all transaction without hassle….price I think is average market rate.
At least all hidden cost there will specify out front to u first before u placed your deposit…

There provide nets and credit card facility to accommodate the needed of us without withdraw too much cash with us…

18 July 2017

Jeffrey Lee

First time renew my car coe and was very afraid about hidden cost and gimmick stuff consult a few company untill I attended by max from coe finance specialist that give me such secure and everything was upfront for me in nett with a paper prove whole process was very good 。so writhing in a review to thanks max and his team

23 August 2017

Yusheng Chew

Was recommended by a friend to engage Platinum’s service to renew my family’s car COE. Was served by Max who was really helpful and went extra mile to ensure a speedy and smooth process for us. Transparent and reasonable pricing as well ! Thank you !

29 October 2017

Sky Tan

Have been a great experience with Platinum Motoring. Especially will like to thanks Max Oh for his friendly & efficiency services. Without him I will not be able to have my COE Renewal done so smoothly & in such a tight timing. Will definitely refer my friends to him if in need. Thank you Max Oh, you did a great job. Keep it up & expect my friends calling you soon

24 June 2017

Roy Tan

Would like to thanks Fredrick for his service regarding my car COE renewal loan. He provided a good explanation and arrangements clearly to me. Without any delay of progress, my needs has been settled in 2 days with his professional service. Thank you Fredrick, I will recommend my relative and friends to him if there is any needs regarding cars.

14 January 2017

Por See Kian

Service very good and price is good &reasonable

15 April 2016

Arreno Lombardo

Excellent service and reasonable pricing

15 April 2016